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Press Praise FOR Black Box Revelation

Every so often they strip the music down to something slow and bluesy. But the Black Box Revelation isn't purely retro. They are just as happy with a drum-machine beat and a heap of overdubbed percussion, as long as the music makes its happy, trashy crash.
New York Times

A sinister slice of buzzing guitar noise concealing a beautiful pop melody beneath.

It's a record that makes you want to throw on your leather vest and go boozin' til the break of dawn.
Six Degrees, 4 stars

Flemish sleaze from the heart. Brussels may not be a city noted for its contribution to the world of high energy, no frills raunch'n'roll, but that is about to change. This is un-ironic, un-pretentious, un-self-conscious party music for people in great leather jackets who are more worried about when they're next getting laid than they are about global warming. And if this demographic does not include you, then…well, you're an idiot.

There's scuzzy, full throttle blues romps sitting comfortably next to more quiet moments. My Perception is an album that sits just on the edge of chaos, providing a brilliant musical thrill ride, almost from start to finish.
Contact Music

Foot-stomping, 60s garage rock sound eerily reminiscent of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club…these dudes are extremely talented…there's still some innocence in these roots rockers and instrumentals that sounded like Man Man showed their playful rawness. What really sets Black Box Revelation apart is neither their age, nor their light French accent, but the strong Blues influence present in most tracks. Nothing is more essential to great rock n' roll.

A rock party that seems unwilling to end. Like the 60s garage bands they were influenced by, Black Box Revelation know that sometimes rock is most effective when it is simple. With this philosophy in mind, the bad keeps their riffs repeating and their lyrics from being over analytical. Black Box Revelation's debut seem stragegically constructed while still retaining a reckless and raw sound.
Plug in Music

Scuzzy guitars, crashing drums, unabashed energy and depth of soul.

Take a heathy pinch of Black Rebel, add a tinge of the Black Keys and a sprinkle of The White Stripes. Place in a dark, dank, smoky, studio and nourished by endless gallons of aviation fuel for weeks upon end and you have yourself the perfect Molotov Cocktail... Black Box Revelation style.

Opening on menacing drums, Belgian duo Black Box Revelation moves along like a panther stalking the city's sidewalks. Utilising jagged guitars and driven throughout by those pounding drums, periodically puncturing the fuzzy rock guitar with crystal clear blues licks that have the crowd cheering, before nose-diving back into that blistering, swaggering riff.
Daily Music Guide, 4 stars

Love this EP, exciting, great Rock & Roll. Very excited about this band. Love it.
Club NME

This is just fuckin' awesome, like the best trash rock n' roll bands of the last 40 years all in one fair hit.

I really love this... full on head rush rock n roll... addictive clever but instant and immediate at the same time.

Like Black Rebel Motorcycle club in a good mood. The noise these two men make is as riotous as The Whit Stripe at their loudest.
Daily Music Guide

They might be from Belgium, but Black Box Revelation boasts more jangly, bluesy, American/British rock and roll swag than most US acts around today. This is that whiskey-drinking music.
Pigeons & Planes

Something about this just exudes a cool factor that's tough to find these days. Could be a new front-runner for the city-walking soundtrack.
The Chuckness

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